About Us

Vertical Integration Architects is a UK chartered architectural practice established in 2014 part of the Vertical Integration Limited Group established in 2004. The practice grew organically by aligning its vision with those of its clients, focusing on creative solutions, professional services and committing to the idea of a team working alongside its clients and builders.


In its quest to finding creative and sustainable solutions VI Architects is all too aware of the social, technological and environmental challenges that exist but still strives to provide a built environment where aesthetics fuse with function & technology – creating intelligent solutions for a lasting and sustainable environment. VI Architects fundamental design approach stems from an inquisitive mind asking the right questions, in a constructive and continuous dialogue with the various stakeholders. At VI Architects every client is unique; every project is carefully handled by a creative and dedicated team providing the utmost personal attention and support.


VI Architects operates, with a highly talented team lead by Mark Saade (its founder and Managing Director), alongside experienced professional peers researching and creating conceptual designs, and also focuses on delivering a bespoke product much in line with its vision and ethos. As an integrated architectural, master-planning and interior design practice, we at VI Architects rely on an in-house team of highly creative, skilled and dedicated professionals, working alongside specialist consultants and contractors in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With expertise in residential, commercial, retail, hotel, leisure and public projects, we offer a scope of services from early inception and design concept to development, implementation and project management. Our Team prides itself on the established international network of professionals and consulting firms that we have formed partnerships with allowing us to expand our scope of activities and projects in the United Kingdom and beyond.